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*Releases December 31st* 


A beautiful, research-backed guide on how to work like the happiest people in the world from the CEO of the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen and bestselling author of the New York Times bestseller The Little Book of Hygge.

It is well-known that the Danish have a fantastic balance of work and home life, that working late is discouraged, parental leave is split equally, and long relaxing summer holidays are the norm. They even have a word that means “happiness at work”—arbejdsglæde. All of this is true while the rest of the western world are struggling with a burn-out epidemic, so where are we going wrong?

Based on a new study from The Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen, which was conducted across thousands of workers and some of the biggest companies in the world, Meik's latest book reveals the main factors in our happiness at work in his most pertinant book yet. With chapters on Purpose, Trust, Relationships, Balance, Success, and much more, Meik suggests a more holistic approach to life and work that makes it possible for us all to reduce stress, increase productivity, and get more out of life.

The Art of Danish Living | Meik Wiking

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