The Keurig K130 brewer was designed with simplicity in mind, and is perfect for student residences and small offices. Single cup brewing is simple, mess free and self-contained – it all happens right inside our technologically advanced K-Cup® portion pack. Step-by-step pictorial instructions allow anyone to operate the machine with ease, and its styling, shape and size allows it to be placed nearly anywhere.

We’re pleased to offer the Keurig K130 brewer at a student residence special rate of just $75.00 plus tax during the month of September…Move in with style. Regular pricing of $99.95 plus tax takes effect October 1st. Please visit Back To The Grind cafe at Lakehead University Orillia for more information on the brewer and our wide variety of delicious and convenient K-Cups.


Timothy’s World Coffees
Breakfast Blend PB4100 $16.50
Italian Blend PB4101 $16.50
Donut Shop PB4105 $16.50
French Roast PB4106 $16.50
Mocha Java PB4111 $16.50
San Lorenzo Dark PB4119 $16.50
Morning Blend PB4120 $16.50
Parisian Nights PB4124 $16.50
Xtra Bold Midnight Magic PB4125 $16.50
Rainforest Espresso Extra Bold PB4130 $16.50
FTO Nicaraguan Extra Bold PB4131 $16.50
The Colombians (24/box)
Colombian LaVereda PB4102 $16.50
Colombian Excelencia PB4108 $16.50
Colombian Decaf PB4110 $16.50
Specialty Flavours (24/box)
Hazelnut (Noisette) PB4103 $16.50
Irish Cream PB4104 $16.50
Hazelnut (Noisette) Decaf PB4109 $16.50
French Vanilla PB4112 $16.50
German Chocolate Cake PB4114 $16.50
Perfectly Pumpkin (available only during fall season) PB4128 $16.50
Cinnamon Pastry PB4136 $16.50
Kahlua PB4141 $16.50
Pacific Island Blend PB4142 $16.50
Indulgence Chai Latte PB10817 $18.00
Green Mountain Hot Apple Cider PB35440 $18.80
Laura Secord Hot Chocolate PB13GR104 $18.80
Cafe Escapes Milk Hot Chocolate PB6815 $18.80
Timothy’s Teas (24/box)
Green Tea PB4153 $16.50
English Breakfast Tea PB4150 $16.50
Earl Grey Tea PB4151 $16.50
Peppermint Tea PB4155 $16.50
Chai Tea PB4156 $16.50
English Breakfast Decaf. Tea PB4158 $16.50